Our Story,

LAIKA BONE`s  were created to give our best and loyal friends something healthy, not only to chew on, but to bring value to their body. Something so full of good properties - high quality proteins, essential aminoacids, calcium and phosphorus - that it will make it more than a chew. Something that would NOT cause a tooth to break or that would be so highly digestible (as it is necessary) that, in case it is accidentally swallowed, it would be digestibe.

Made of LACTOSE FREE milk protein and LOW FAT,  LAIKA BONE is a 100% natural cheese, which we add differentiated and delicious flavors for your dog to chew and taste safely.

LAIKA BONES was classified as "EXCELLENT" in digestibility by the US pet food testing company PETMECH LLC.  The purpose of the tests was to estimate the rate of degradation of a dog chew in the canine digestive tract to assess product safety. Dog chews that are swallowed whole, or in part, should degrade rapidly in the canine digestive system to prevent potentially dangerous blockage.

It is also a fantastic and nutritious treatment that helps to eliminate bad breath and bacteria from teeth.

Its main ingredient even though is of high digestibility, it gives the dogs a feeling of satisfaction and makes the metabolism work more helping in fat burning.

LAIKA BONE chews are produced in Portugal, in Europe, and ALL our ingredients are made here by European companies!

Yes, we are 100% EUROPEAN!

LAIKA BONE but much better